Lucifer season 5: 15 bold predictions for the final season

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2. Lucifer will confront his father

Something that has felt long in coming is a confrontation between Lucifer and God. While we don’t think a family therapy session will happen, it still needs to happen.

Lucifer has a lot of issues tied up with his Father and his family. It does seem a little out of the realm of possibility that God will appear on the series. (They’ve purposefully kept Him faceless throughout.) The issues definitely need to be addressed in the final season.

A lot of Lucifer’s journey and character is tied to wanting to get out from under his Father’s thumb to be his own Devil. Even though Lucifer likes to pretend that his Father has no affect on him, their fractured relationship clearly does weigh on our favorite Devil. In order for Lucifer to fully move on, maybe even truly forgive himself as Chloe wants him to, then he needs to address those feelings. He needs to, shocking, work past his Daddy issues in order to really be truly free of his Father.

We get it, asking a character to work through their parental issues is hard. In the final season of a series, such things really need to be addressed. It needs to be worked through, whether or not the parent is there. It just makes for more drama if Lucifer gets the chance to confront God face to face.

1. Lucifer will forgive himself

In season 4, Lucifer came to the realization that he hated himself. Through this self-hatred, he went through a body transformation into his Devil form. It looked like he was going to be stuck like that until Chloe says that the reason he hates himself is that he really does believe that he somehow created evil on Earth with his rebellion; that he deserves all the blame that society places on him. When Lucifer said that he wanted to begin to forgive himself, that’s when he turned back to normal.

Honestly, the most powerful moment that the series can bring us is allowing Lucifer to feel his own forgiveness. It’s a lifelong process to deal with our issues. The work, honestly, is never really done.

The best way to end this series, however, is to put the lead character (Lucifer) in a better place than when he started. The best possible place he can end up in is with him well and truly forgiving himself, realizing that there is no real blame to be placed on him.

Will it happen? That’s hard to say. It would definitely be the happiest outcome from the character that we could hope for. Yes, having him get his happy end with Chloe would be amazing, but the best ending is Lucifer forgiving and loving himself.

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