Lucifer season 5: 15 bold predictions for the final season

LUCIFER - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix
LUCIFER - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix /
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6. Heaven’s door

We’ve seen Earth. We’ve seen Hell. One place that audiences haven’t seen yet is Heaven.

Now, obviously, in order for that to happen someone will probably have to die or have a near death experience. Sad as it is, Chloe could have that experience and see Heaven for herself. So long as her guilt doesn’t weigh her down too much, she could see Heaven. Or Amenadiel could return to talk to his siblings. As we’ve seen, though, when Amenadiel goes to Heaven then the audience does not follow.

As it is the show’s final season, it does feel like we should see its interpretation of Heaven. The Hell of the show is one of the most fascinating ones with the endless labyrinth of rooms and people’s worst actions punishing them over and over again. What is Heaven like? From what little we’ve heard, it sounds like there is a bit more freedom and interaction there. Eve spoke of talking with those who entered Heaven. Amenadiel met Chloe’s father.

Outside of that, however, we don’t really know much about the Silver City. We don’t even have a good idea of what it looks like. It would be interesting to travel to that plane and see it. It ties in with our prediction/wish of having more angels on the series as well.

5. Deckerstar FINALLY gets together

Listen, this may not be so much a prediction than an absolute fact.

After four years of this, however, it’s time for them to get together as a couple. Chloe confessed her love just as Lucifer went back to Hell. Lucifer told Chloe that she was his real first love. T

hat’s it. Their cards are on the table. No more secrets. Except then, Lucifer goes to Hell and we get nothing of it. The Deckerstar relationship is one built on the screams of frustrated fans, begging for mercy so that they can have just a brief respite of happiness for these two.

In season 5, it would be pretty radical that when Lucifer returns from Hell that Chloe and Lucifer get a chance to just be a couple for a while. No getting together and then breaking apart like two episodes later, but getting together and staying together. The external forces being what will try to tear them apart than the internal ones. Just let them be happy for a little bit.

We just finally need to see them together after four seasons of this back and forth. It’s not as bad as some shows, but it’s time. It’s really time.