Stranger Things: Millie Bobby Brown talks Hopper’s fate

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Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Is Hopper still alive in Stranger Things 4? Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t know, but she shared some interesting details in a recent interview with Seventeen.

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown shared some of her thoughts on Hopper’s fate, according to a report from Seventeen.

While being interviewed about her new earring line, Brown was asked about Hopper’s fate and if he survived the machine exploding in the Russian base. There are many who believe Hopper survived the blast and was somehow captured by Russians. At the end of the season, a Russian prisoner, described as “The American,” was referenced.

Here’s what she told Seventeen:

"“I have no idea, but I love hearing everybody else’s ideas and thoughts,” Millie said. “Ultimately, it’s nobody’s decision but the Duffer Brothers – you know, they’re writing it. I think the Duffer Brothers definitely feel the pressure of people’s fan theories, though.”"

There have been a ton of theories about what happened to Hopper.

We know Brown isn’t going to give away Hopper’s fate, of course, even if Brown knows what is going to happen in the next season of the series. A few of the things Brown mentioned do stand out, though.

We’ve known for a while that everything is the Duffer Brothers call to make, and I don’t think Hopper’s fate is any exception. More importantly, Brown added that the Duffer Brothers, and the cast, do feel pressure from fans to make certain things happen in the show.

In the Seventeen interview, she used Mike and Eleven’s kiss as an example of how they decided to give fans something they wanted to see. I don’t remember fans calling for that, but I’m sure Brown’s comments on social media were blowing up with fans rooting for the show’s young couple.

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With Stranger Things, there seems to be a lot of fan service. There are references to classic movies, shows, products, and more. We know this is basically the Duffers’ love letter to their youth and growing up in the ’80s, but it seems like they do really try to keep fans happy and entertained. They do the will-they, won’t-they with Joyce and Hopper. I think we could have guessed that’s a motivation of some kind, but Brown confirmed it, as well.

That’s interesting considering what will happen in Stranger Things 4. If the creators do what the fans want, Hopper will most definitely be back in the new season. I think it’s going to happen.

Based on what I’ve seen, they wanted to try something a little different with the season finale. In the first two seasons, the show ended on a relatively good note. There weren’t a ton of theories about what happened in the final scene, necessarily, and we weren’t left hanging off the cliff.

With the season 3 finale, the writers found a happy medium to keep the conversation alive and deliver an incredibly emotional ending. We hadn’t really had that in Stranger Things yet, so it’s good that they went in this direction.

I don’t think that “death” will stick, though, and that’s because Hopper is way too important in this series. If Stranger Things doesn’t bring Hopper back, I would question what they’re doing. They have every opportunity to do right by the fans, and in some ways, that’s even more important than taking story risks.

Stranger Things was just renewed for season 4 at the end of September. We’re waiting to learn details about the production and, of course, Hopper’s future in the series.

Stay tuned for more news about Hopper and Stranger Things 4! 

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