Big Mouth season 3 is coming to Netflix tonight

Big Mouth - Credit: Netflix
Big Mouth - Credit: Netflix /

Big Mouth season 3 is coming to Netflix on Friday, Oct. 4! Will you be staying up late to watch the new season on Netflix?

Big Mouth season 3 is almost here! The new season of the popular animated Netflix original series will be added to Netflix on Friday, Oct. 4.

The new season hits the streaming service at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, which means if you stay up late on Thursday night, you can start watching the new season on Netflix! I know there will be a bunch of fans of the series doing just that.

Big Mouth season 3 consists of 10 episodes, which will bring the series total to 31 episodes, including the Valentine’s Day special.

Based on the trailer for the new season, puberty is getting worse for many of these characters! Check out the trailer below!

While it has not been confirmed, we expect the full voice cast of Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Maya Rudolph, Jason Mantzoukas, Jenny Slate, Jessi Klein, Gina Rodriguez, David Thewlis, and more will be back for season 3.

Big Mouth is also holding a panel at New York Comic-Con today, Thursday, Oct. 3, to kick off the new season! If you’re a fan of the show and are attending NYCC, you have to go to this panel! It should be awesome!

Netflix also shared a new recap of season 2, so you don’t have to watch the full season again before season 3 premieres. Watching the previous season is still a very good idea, though. This show is too good to only watch one time after all.

More seasons of Big Mouth are already in the works at Netflix. The streaming network recently announced Big Mouth will be back for season 4, 5, and 6 on Netflix. There’s a chance for more seasons, as well, although that is to be determined at this point.

You can expect new seasons of Big Mouth to be released on Netflix in the fall of each year. Netflix has had a new season of the series released every fall for the last three years, and we expect that to continue in the future as well.

Will you be staying up to watch Big Mouth season 3? Spread the word to all the fans of this great animated series!

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