The Politician season 2: 5 questions the comedy-drama needs to answer

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1. Will Payton’s biological mother make an appearance?

We learn early on in the season that Payton is adopted. This is one of the reasons Payton feels his chances of becoming President of the United States one day are better — he is from both a rich and poor family. In Payton’s opinion, this makes him relatable. Viewers didn’t immediately agree with him here. Sure, Payton’s biological mother may have been poor, but all he has ever known is wealth.

Georgina Hobart and her husband (though it’s doubtful Payton’s dad ever loved him) have shown him a pretty sweet life. The best life money can buy! How can Payton relate to the other half when he has never lived it. Well, the couple final episodes of The Politician changed our mind.

Payton truly never cared for the money. He always encouraged his mom to leave his father to seek true love and be happy. When his mother does, Payton and Georgina are left without their riches, especially Payton.

Living with roommates and working has done Payton a lot of good. We now believe he can relate to a larger crowd, which increases his chances at winning the race. Or does it?

As we all know too well, politics can bring out the worst in people. Now that Payton is going to be in the public eye, it’s possible his biological mother will see him and pay him a visit. This can mess with Payton’s head (and political race), especially is his mom is only in it for money and attention. We’ll have to watch and see!

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