The Politician season 2: 5 questions the comedy-drama needs to answer

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3. Will Gwyneth Paltrow return?

Gwyneth Paltrow can do no wrong! Well, she may have, but we’re not going to pay attention to that and instead focus on all the brilliant performances under her belt. This includes Georgina Hobart, Payton’s adoptive mother in The Politician. 

In the series, Georgina is the perfect example of a mother. I would even argue that she’s more than that. Georgina has unconditional love for her three sons, two (twins) are her biological children and Payton is adoptive. Despite the fact that Payton isn’t biologically her own son, she loves him the most.

This isn’t hard to believe, I’m sure it has happened to other adoptive mothers. Sometimes, you just can’t help it Not to mention, who can blame Georgina when her twins turned out to be the absolute worst! They are bullies, rude, greedy, lazy, and all the negative adjectives you can think of. The twins, Martin and Luther Hobart (portrayed here by Trey and Trevor Eason) even planned to kill their father just to keep their little brother Payton out of their father’s will.

We’re glad, though, that Georgina decided to be a little selfish and run away with her true love in the end. There was a small-time jump towards the end of the series that indicates Georgina is happy and regularly communicates with (maybe even visits) Payton.

Unlike Lange’s Dusty Jackson, Paltrow’s Georgina can very well return in season 2 and we are counting on it!