The Politician season 2: 5 questions the comedy-drama needs to answer

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4. Will Alice stay with Payton for good?

Hear me out. I love that Alice chose Payton over Thad. However, Thad seemed like a great and kind gentleman, maybe even too good for Alice, but love is love — or is it? Sorry, but I’m a little bothered that Alice (Julia Schlaepfer) only left Thad after learning Payton was running for senate.

Alice may not be a gold digger. Her family is wealthy enough for Alice not to care about that, but she has always appeared to be hungry for power. Besides, who doesn’t want to be married to the senator and presidential hopeful? This has always been Alice’s dream and it has apparently not changed.

As for Thad deserving better, he definitely does! When Payton tries to win Alice back, she rejects him, but says, “maybe we can have an affair or something.” Gasp! Poor, Thad.

Now that Alice and Payton are back together, though, I’m hoping it stays that way. But I do wonder what will happen to Alice for running out on her wedding to Thad. Will she reach out to her parents or has she been shut out by her family for what she did? One of her fears, when she refused to return with Payton, was that her parents would no longer accept her.

Let’s not be so quick to forget that Alice did make some sacrifices when Payton was running for student body president, so we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt come season 2.