The Politician season 2: 5 questions the comedy-drama needs to answer

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5. Will Infinity’s grandmother return?

Seeing Jessica Lange star in The Politician with a show-stopping performance was everything. Could we have truly expected anything less from the actress, though? Lange has an unmatched talent, and we especially love when she teams up with Ryan Murphy. She may have left the long-running horror series American Horror Storybut we continue to see plenty of Lange in other shows such as Pose and now Netflix’s The Politician. 

Lange’s character, Dusty Jackson, however, had an unfortunate (but well-deserved) ending when season 1 concluded. A finale that is having us question if we have seen the last of her.

To quickly refresh, Lange had a role that contributed to one of the most significant stories in the first season, bringing awareness to the mental illness Munchausen syndrome by proxy. It’s a strange name, often simply called MSP, but it made headlines not too long ago. Most recently on Hulu with the series The Act, based on a true story, and HBO’s Sharp Objects. 

MSP is an illness in which a person willingly makes someone in their care sick to the point of them becoming disabled so that they can be their caretaker. They enjoy being needed and crave the attention and sympathy from others, even if it’s at the expense of “loved” ones.

In The Politician, Dusty makes her granddaughter, Infinity, sick so she can pass as a cancer patient and get free stuff such as food, money, and trips. She did the same with her daughter, who passed due to the poison Dusty inflicted. In the end, Dusty is arrested and charged for her daughter’s murder and the attempted murder of Dusty. If we see Dusty again, it’ll only be because Infinity visits her in prison for advice.