Stranger Things 4: What does the teaser reveal about the new season?

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Netflix has officially announced Stranger Things 4 and also released a small teaser trailer. What does it reveal about Stranger Things 4?

Before getting too excited about the Stranger Things 4 renewal news and teaser trailer, the clip for Stranger Things 4 isn’t very long. About half of the teaser is watching the logo enter the frame while the interesting bit comes when the Stranger Things graphic is in full view.

Once the logo becomes visible, a background shows Hopper’s cabin in a familiar-looking area. There’s also a sign that says ‘Welcome To Hawkins’ nearby, but its presence is strange because Hopper never had a sign near his home. The more curious bit is whether this scene takes place in the Upside Down or in the real world.

The cabin and surrounding area are consumed by tentacles and other Upside Down things, so this could be Hawkins in the current day. On the other hand, the teaser could just as easily take place within the Upside Down itself. There is a gloomy color to the sky which is usually associated with the alternate world. Of course, having Hawkins engulfed by the tentacles would ramp up the action in season four.

Another reveal that comes to light in the clip is the tagline of “We’re Not In Hawkins Anymore.” This could be a reference to the Byers leaving town and the Upside Down following them, or it may be hinting towards a larger plot within the alternate universe during season 4.

Check out the renewal announcement below!

While audiences have seen glimpses at the Upside Down, no one has really spent much time inside. That’s due to the world’s inhospitable nature but perhaps someone has figured out how to survive there. Why someone would want to stay in the Upside Down is anyone’s guess, but, of course, it might not be by choice.

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None of the main characters were left there at the end of season three but that explosion in the Russian facility have driven theories online which suggest Hopper (David Harbour) was flung into the dark world. Joyce (Winona Ryder) didn’t see any remains when she looked back at where he was standing so there’s more reason to be suspicious.

The last thing of note in the clip are the clocks. There’s an old-timey grandfather clock on the right side of the screen which is engulfed by the Upside Down’s tentacles while another can be heard ringing. The latter can’t be seen, it’s merely heard while the caption “We’re not in Hawkins anymore” is shown on the screen. We don’t know what their purpose is but the clocks must hold some significance.

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