Stranger Things 4: New clock video and tweet has fans asking questions

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Stranger Things shared a cryptic tweet and changed their profile picture, and now, fans are trying to figure out what it all means for Stranger Things 4.

It looks like a big Stranger Things 4 announcement is on the way. We still haven’t heard anything at all from Netflix or any of the cast and crew about Stranger Things 4 yet, which is weird considering Stranger Things 3, the biggest Netflix release in history, premiered on July 4.

That all seems to be changing with the new tweet and profile picture from the official Stranger Things social media accounts.

UPDATE: Stranger Things has been officially renewed for season 4

On Twitter, Stranger Things shared an emoji of a clock followed by an upside-down smiley face. Fans are obviously speculating about what it could all mean.

Check out the tweet below!

While the tweet is very interesting, the Instagram video is even more interesting. To me, it looks like the clock from the clock tower at Hawkins City Hall, but it’s covered in stuff from the Upside Down. Click on the profile story to view the video of the clock.

There’s a lot that the new profile picture and the tweet could be referring to.

First, I’ve seen many fans think it simply means that it’s time to go back to the Upside Down, or something close to that. I mean, that makes sense. If the Mind Flayer and the Upside Down remains a threat, and we know that it does, someone will have to defeat the Mind Flayer or close the gate for good. That likely means going to the Upside Down to do it.

There’s a clock and an upside-down smiley face. So, this makes sense, but is it too simple of an explanation? Personally, I think so.

It seems more likely that this is hinting at time getting turned upside down, which could mean that we might be going backward in Stranger Things 4. 

The most interesting thing about this to me is the clock tower. I’ve seen many people on social media outlets confused by the time on the clock. Some think the hands are pointing to 12 or even 11, while others think it looks more like it’s pointing to 6.

At first, I thought the clock was flipped upside down and mirrored, which would mean that the ticking hand was actually going backward. That could obviously point to the theory that there will be some sort of going back in time or other time travel in Stranger Things 4. 

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When I looked again, it seems the clock is normal aside from it being in the Upside Down. I don’t know what it all means, but I can’t think that it’s a good sign moving forward.

I’m not ready to totally count out the time travel aspect of Stranger Things 4 yet either. Many fans have read into the many Back to the Future references throughout Stranger Things 3. Aside from it being a funny punchline, it might have hinted at what could happen in Stranger Things 4.

Again, I don’t know how exactly it all makes sense, but there seems to be this growing idea where someone will be using time travel in Stranger Things 4. Eleven certainly has the power to make it happen, assuming Mr. Clarke’s theory about the Upside Down is correct. If she can make a hole or link between two dimensions, she could certainly create a rift in the same dimension to travel back to a different point in time, I think.

There’s also the theory that the Upside Down is simply the future, which would mean that it’s the same dimension anyway. I don’t know about that, but it’s fun to think about it!

Honestly, no one has idea what this means or what is on the way, but one thing is clear: keep an eye on social media in the next few days and weeks. Stranger Things news is on the way, and we don’t know when exactly.

Stay tuned for more news about Stranger Things 4! 

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