5 theories about Stranger Things 4 based on the renewal announcement

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

2. The Upside Down is spreading into the real world

In the announcement video, we can see the Stranger Things 4 logo clearly at first. Soon after, vines from the Upside Down wrap from the bottom up and cover the entire thing while constricting it, similar to what happened to Hopper in season 2 with the vines in the tunnels that formed under Hawkins.

We can also see an illegible “Welcome to” sign that could say Hawkins or perhaps another town. Could it be spreading to where El and the Byers moved at the end of season 3? The announcement is definitely making me think that the Upside Down is following Eleven.

That would definitely make things difficult for the gang that El and the Byers left behind in Hawkins.

3. Post-Eleven experiment

One thing that has been common in all of the Stranger Things social media clues and clips is the use of a clock. In the recent announcement video, we see the face of a clock in the Upside Down just left of the show’s famous logo. It appears that one of the hands is pointing to 12. I personally don’t think that anything in the video is supposed to appear upside down, as the sign to the right of the logo looks right side up.

The fact that we’re seeing a clock hand point to 12 could mean many things, but my mind immediately jumped to other experiments. We don’t really know much about Eleven’s “brothers and sisters,” except for Eight who we met in season 2.

That being said, it seems like Eleven was Dr. Brenner’s last experiment before his supposed death at the end of season 1. We know that the Russians were and still are harnessing energy from the Upside down and are even holding a Demogorgon captive thanks to the finale’s post-credit scene. It’s very possible that they are recreating Dr. Brenner’s work and doing their own experiments on kids like Eleven. Could we see a Twelve emerge from Russia?

The addition of another powerful child (or adult?) would definitely shake things up in Hawkins. With Eleven left powerless at the end of season 3, it would be interesting to see what the Russians would do to try to take control and how they would form experiments. Side note: Could they be doing experiments on Hopper maybe? Is that why he wasn’t sacrificed to the Demogorgon?