Lucifer season 5: Will we get a Deckerstar wedding?

Lucifer season 4 on Netflix. Image Courtesy Netflix
Lucifer season 4 on Netflix. Image Courtesy Netflix /

A wedding between Lucifer and Chloe sounds like a pretty far-fetched idea, but is it? We explore

I know, I know. A Deckerstar wedding is a shipper’s dream, the ultimate thing on the bucket list of what you want your favorite pairing to do in Lucifer season 5. Yeah, some people also want Deckerstar kids, and domestic moments (most people, let’s be honest), but the number one wish/hope is always this: a wedding.

But does a wedding for the actual, literal devil, sound like too much to ask?

It depends.

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Sure, Lucifer has his issues, to say the least, with religion and, especially, with God himself. But a wedding, though we’ve all grown up with this idea of the white dress and the vows, is not just a religious thing.

A wedding is about choosing a person to share all of life’s ups and downs with.

Of course, you could argue Chloe and Lucifer aren’t there yet. They barely even admitted they loved each other! But the thing is, after four seasons, and that admission what else is there?

They are already partners in all ways that count. So, with Lucifer season 5 on the horizon, and the promise of Lucifer coming back from literal hell to be with Chloe (did you think he was going to stay there?), what other step is there for this relationship to take?

Lucifer’s greatest desire hasn’t just been acceptance but family. He came to LA to flee a complicated family situation, to say the least, and on the way, he found the last thing he expected: a family of his own.

Family isn’t always blood, after all. And Linda, Maze, Ella, Chloe, Trixie, and even Dan, have become as much Lucifer’s family as Amenadiel is. He belongs somewhere now, in a way he never has before.

It would absolutely not surprise me if our favorite devil in a suit were to decide to make that family more, ahem, permanent, and you know, legal.

This isn’t just about belonging, though. Chloe is Lucifer’s safe place, the person who makes him want to be better, the one who makes him want to live. And alternatively, because even if this show is called Lucifer, we care a lot about Chloe’s opinion too. He makes her laugh, he makes her feel safe, and most importantly, he makes her feel cared for.

Because just as Lucifer wanted a family, Chloe wanted a partner. One who wouldn’t lie, no matter what. One who would have her back, even when she was wrong. One who wouldn’t abandon her, even when she made a mistake. And she’s found that in Lucifer.

And yes, the issues with the man above remain for Lucifer. Some things can’t be fixed, no matter how much we try. Some things aren’t meant to be fixed. But we can choose to put those behind us and be happy anyway. Or, knowing Lucifer, we can choose a metaphorical middle finger to the man above, maybe in the form of a full-on wedding?

This is Lucifer we’re talking about, after all. Why not?

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