Stranger Things 4: David Harbour’s Instagram leads to clues about plot

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Since Stranger Things 3, viewers have been speculating about what might happen in season 4, and fans have been quick to notice connections with one star’s social media clues.

Spoilers for Stranger Thingsto follow! Don’t continue unless you’ve finished the series so far!

Stranger Things 3 premiered on Netflix this past July and fans are still holding on to the season’s most emotional and crazy moments. This includes the controversial and heartbreaking death of Hawkins Police Chief, Jim Hopper (David Harbour), after he fought off Russian hitman Grigori and urged Joyce to turn the keys to destroy the Russians’ machine for good.

As I’m sure we all know, there are many theories about Hopper and how he could’ve survived that huge explosion underneath the Starcourt Mall. Even the season’s post-credit scene suggests that a certain “American” is being held captive by the Russians. Certain social media clues have also been giving fans a reason to believe that Hopper may still be out there.

Weeks after Stranger Things 3 was released, David Harbour began updating his Instagram profile pictures to different numbers each day. We soon learned that the sequence of numbers was a phone number that turned out to be Murray Bauman’s (Brett Gelman) phone number that he gave Hopper in the show. When called, fans were left with a voice mail addressing Joyce that said there was an “update” and that they should speak in person.

Recently David Harbour has been back on Instagram, this time updating his profile photos to specific images of objects or scenery. He started out with a photo of a sunflower, followed by a rainbow, and then a meter reading 450 volts.

This sounds familiar, right? In case you need a refresher, these are some of the words that Eleven’s mother, Terry Ives (Aimee Mullins), is stuck repeating in her trance from when she was separated from Eleven (Jane) and taken for experimentation in Hawkins Lab.

Reddit user u/Girllnterrupted posted this on a thread about the updates:

"Pure S4 speculation here, but what if Joyce gets Murray’s voicemail and realizes that Hop is still alive, so she goes to Terry for help to locate him, since El has lost her powers and is out of commission in the void? It would be great to see more of Mama in S4 and this would be a good opportunity to utilize her character more."

It makes sense! Terry is the only one that Joyce would really be able to contact who has similar powers to Eleven. I was hoping to see more of Terry in season 3, so the idea of bringing her back for a more major role in the plot would be so exciting. I also think it would be good for El to be back with her mama. Maybe that could also help restore some of her own powers?

The same Reddit user also explained a certain photo that Harbour used for a profile picture that references a certain famous study and experiment that focused on “shock therapy and obedience”. Maybe Hopper is being held captive by the Russians. Could they be brainwashing him somehow?

Along with the profile pictures, Harbour has been posting certain images on Instagram with very specific, almost cryptic captions. One of them includes this photo:

He also followed it up with this photo of a rainbow:

The caption on the photo references a “pale stuffed yellow lion toy”, which has to be a reference to the lion toy that El had in the lab, Hopper’s daughter Sara who passed away had in the hospital, and Will had in Castle Byers.

Since Eleven had her toy when she was kept in the Hawkins Lab with Dr. Brenner, could “Papa” be coming back somehow? Could the lab be running a secret operation that Hopper knows about now?

There are so many questions that we want to be answered and these social media clues are raising even more questions and theories about Hopper’s fate and the plot of Stranger Things 4. What do you think about these clues? Is Hopper still out there? Will Terry Ives help Murray and Joyce find him? Let us know in the comments!

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