25 best shows to watch on Netflix this fall

The Crown season 3 - Credit: Sophie Mutevelian
The Crown season 3 - Credit: Sophie Mutevelian /
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18. Criminal

Premiere date: Sept. 20

If you are a fan of Law & Order, you’ll enjoy watching Netflix’s take on the crime drama. On Sept. 20, the streaming giant will launch various series titled Criminal, these are Criminal: UK, Criminal: Spain, Criminal Germany and Criminal France.

Each of the above follows the same intriguing premise, but work as stand-alone series. The first set of Criminal episodes are spread across four different countries, as you have seen above: Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Spain. The cast also includes a large number of recognizable names, such as David Tennant, Hayley Atwell, Florence Kasumba, and others.

Despite being tied together with the same goal and similar plot, Netflix has these listed as different shows because, as we previously mentioned, they work great as individual series. Not to mention, a different set of directors, cast, and languages take place in each. Their only similarity is the format.

Criminal: UK, Criminal: Spain, Criminal Germany and Criminal: France will take place in an intimidating interrogation room at a police station. At the table, a suspect will sit with a team of officers and investigators to try to get to the bottom of a gruesome crime. Authorities refuse to leave the room and allow their suspect to walk free until they get a confession out of them (or useful information), even if it means breaking the rules.

Netflix is known for its intense and very real crime dramas, and I suspect the Criminal series will soon be added to the list of greats. From the early reviews we have seen, Criminal: UK is the most impactful. Which one are you most looking forward to watching?