25 best shows to watch on Netflix this fall

The Crown season 3 - Credit: Sophie Mutevelian
The Crown season 3 - Credit: Sophie Mutevelian /
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15. Narcos: Mexico

Premiere date: Rumored late fall.

Netflix’s crime-drama Narcos is one of the first shows on the streaming service I remember becoming completely addicted to. The cast was brilliant and the story so captivating. Despite knowing how the journey of Pablo Escobar would end, it was addicting and intriguing to watch. At moments, you would even feel bad for Escobar.

As exciting as it was to watch, I always lamented the final episodes as I knew it was coming to an end. Imagine fan’s delight when we learned a spin-off, Narcos: Mexico was in the works! Still, we couldn’t help but be a bit skeptical.

Our expectations were met and exceeded. And now, we can’t wait to watch the second season of Narcos: Mexico, which premieres on Netflix later this year. Cast and teasers have been revealed, but, unfortunately, not an exact premiere date.

Narcos: Mexico season 2 is set to follow the rise of the Guadalajara drug cartel in the 1980s. The season 1 finale was an explosive one, to say the least, and a shock to many. We won’t be spoiling any details here, but the death of a major player will launch the events in season 2. The narrator was revealed and he is declaring war to avenge one of his own. Season 2 is expected to continue the story and pick up right after.

Will we see Gallardo captured in the upcoming season? Or will his story be stretch further? If you haven’t watched the first season, catch up to it now on Netflix. The first two seasons, based on drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, and season 3, which follows the Cali Cartel, are also available.