Raising Dion trailer signals Netflix’s return to the superhero genre

Raising Dion - Photo Credit: Netflix
Raising Dion - Photo Credit: Netflix /

Raising Dion harkens Netflix’s return to superhero stories after it canceled all its Marvel shows and provides a new and more interesting take on an origin story.

Believe it or not, Raising Dion has been a project that’s been in development for a while. Originally, it started life as a short film, which exploded on Tumblr, and a comic book by Dennis Liu, who also directed the short film.

Four years after that short film debut, it’s now going to be a full-fledged Netflix original series.

The show follows Nicole Reese (Alisha Wainwright), a recently widowed woman who is a newly single mother to her son Dion (Ja’Siah Young). Things get complicated when seven-year-old Dion begins to display an array of superhero-like abilities. Together with her late husband’s (Michael B. Jordan) best friend Pat (Jason Ritter), the two try to protect Dion from forces who want to exploit him and his abilities.

Check out the trailer for Raising Dion below!

Unlike the short film, the series appears ready to explain why and how Dion had his abilities based on the trailer. Before it was more of a Clark Kent kind of situation, now it seems to be something else. More importantly, there are others in the show who are also displaying powers of their own.

The trailer for the series actually does seem to follow the short film as well. In what we can see, Wainwright makes a charming lead for the series and Young is clearly a gifted child actor. Plus, you know, Jordan in anything is guaranteed to draw a crowd. It’ll be interesting to unravel the mystery of how Dion acquired these powers and what happened to Nicole’s husband on the night he died.

Jordan also stars in Marvel’s Black Panther, which is still available to stream on Netflix. Check it out before or after you watch Raising Dion, a show that could be one of Netflix’s best of the year.

Plus, Netflix does have a superhero shaped hole in its schedule since it canceled its Marvel shows. Raising Dion allows it to fill that hole while also standing out from the crowd.

Raising Dion will debut on Netflix on Oct. 4. Will you be watching the series on Netflix in October?

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