There are only 10 episodes of The Ranch left

The Ranch Season 4 - Greg Gayne/Netflix
The Ranch Season 4 - Greg Gayne/Netflix /

After The Ranch Part 7 starring Ashton Kutcher premiered on Netflix in September 2019, there are only 10 episodes of the Netflix original series left. Part 8 will be released in 2020.

After a near 10-month wait to see new episodes of The Ranch, fans got exactly that on Friday, Sept. 13 with the release of Part 7. Many fans binge-watched the first half of season 4 over the opening weekend, and now, we have some bad news.

There are only 10 episodes of The Ranch left on Netflix. The show will end after season 4, and seeing as we just watched Part 7, the first half of the season, only Part 8 remains.

The Netflix original series is now the longest-running comedy from the streaming network, and it will remain that way until the final season of Grace and Frankie comes to Netflix.

It’s unclear what exactly happened with The Ranch and its future on Netflix. From unconfirmed reports, it sounds like the cast, crew and creative team was willing to do a fifth season, which would have brought the episode count to 100 episodes. Netflix decided to end the series after season 4, and they announced the news this summer.

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For months leading up to the announcement, there were reports that the show was ending after season 4, though. Sam Elliott was nominated for an Oscar for his role in A Star is Born, and there were several interviews and features about Elliott.

In those stories, they each mentioned The Ranch was ending after season 4. This spring, the show even had a wrap party before Netflix announced the news that the show was ending after season 4.

This summer, finally, Kutcher made the announcement on social media that the Netflix series would end after Part 7 and Part 8. Part 7 arrived on Netflix on Sept. 13, and Part 8 is coming to the streaming service in 2020.

We still don’t know when exactly the final episodes will be released on Netflix. Usually, Netflix releases the second half of each season about six months after the first season is released. If that happens with Part 8, there’s a really good chance we’ll see Part 8 in March or April 2020.

The series premiered on Netflix in April 2016, so it’d be good to end the series exactly four years after it premiered on the streaming service.

Netflix will likely announce the release date for The Ranch Part 8 in early 2020. Stay tuned for more information about the final 10 episodes of the series coming to the streaming service.

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