Marianne on Netflix is the latest series to give viewers nightmares

Photo: Marianne - Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix
Photo: Marianne - Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix /

Marianne is the latest horror series on Netflix to give viewers nightmares. Here’s why you need to watch the French thriller.

Netflix isn’t only insanely popular for its many romcoms! The streaming giant also never leaves us for too long without some frightening thrills. Let’s not forget how much The Haunting of Hill House kept us up at night, and the underrated Typewriter is still being discovered and spooking viewers. But the latest in the game? The French horror Marianne. 

The series stars Victoire Du Bois, Lucie Boujenah, and Tiphaine Daviot. In the series, Du Bois gives serious Kristen Stewart vibes, but that isn’t the only or most important takeaway from the latest horror series on Netflix!

Marianne follows Emma (Du Bois) a famous and wealthy horror writer who draws inspiration for her novels in nightmares she had as a child. Nightmares of a frightening woman named Marianne. To battle her demons and get rid of these haunting night terrors, Emma creates a character named Lizzie Larck, who fights off and eventually takes down Marianne.

As much as Emma tries to deny it, though, Marianne is more than a childhood nightmare. Emma believed Marianne vanished thanks to her stories that helped her fright through the trauma, but Marianne is real, and she’s back and never leaves empty-handed.

Marianne does not have any intention to stay away. In fact, when Emma stopped writing, the spirit of Marianne returned to haunt Emma and those she cares about. In order for the tragedies to stop, Emma needs to continue writing, unless she and her friends can find a way to defeat Marianne for good.

Expect jump scares that are more than loud thuds. These have frightening images and disturbing scenes waiting to scare at every corner. It’s a slow-burn, though. Do give it a few episodes before the action truly kicks off. Trust me, it’s worth it!

The first season of the Netflix original series premiered Sept. 13 to kickoff Netflix and Chills, watch it today!  

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