When will Wu Assassins season 2 be on Netflix?

We’re still waiting for Wu Assassins to get a renewal. When that happens, just when can we expect Wu Assassins to premiere on Netflix?

The fate of Wu Assassins season 2 is still in the air, but we’re certainly hopeful for the series. While we wait for Netflix to make an official renewal, we can look at when we can expect the next season to debut on the streaming service.

Wu Assassins season 1 debuted on the service back in August 2019. The decision on a renewal or cancellation should be coming soon, but that doesn’t mean we’ll get an exact release date. We can work a rough one out though.

Most Netflix Originals take 12 to 14 months for pre- and post-production and filming. That’s assuming the renewal happens within a month or two of the previous season debut, so we’re looking at August 2020 to October 2020 for Wu Assassins season 2 to be released at the very earliest.

Is there any need for a renewal? The show did an excellent job at wrapping up the majority of the plot points, but the finale left us with a couple of unanswered questions, a launching point into a potential second season. With that in mind, I’d be grateful for a renewal. Without major spoilers, Kai learned that he is still needed in the final moments, making it clear that there are plenty of storylines available.

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This is a series that was certainly supportive of inclusivity. Most of the main cast was made up of Asian actors, with plenty of mythology and history developed within it.

For those who love the traditional martial arts movies, there are plenty of moments in Wu Assassins season 1 that you’ll love. It’s full of some beautifully-choreographed fight scenes, which Netflix has recently promoted on its various social media platforms in case you missed them or you just want to relive them.

This is a series that focuses a lot on character and relationship development. This makes the possibilities endless and allows for some deeper tales moving forward if Netflix will just give the show a chance.

What did you love the most about Wu Assassins season 1? Share your thoughts in the comments below.