The Office is leaving Netflix in 2021, but it’s not Netflix’s fault

The Office is leaving Netflix at the end of 2020, but don’t blame Netflix for that. They tried to keep the series.

If you are among the many addicted viewers of The Office, then you were probably angry to hear the show is leaving Netflix by the end of 2020. It’s been months since this news broke the hearts of the many addicted fans of The Office who use Netflix to watch the show repeatedly. But your anger may be misguided because Netflix didn’t want to lose The Office.

Despite having a plethora of Original content and many others shows and movies in their collection, The Office is one of the most-streamed TV shows on Netflix, according to Ad Week.

But NBC paid $500 million to get the rights to their show in hopes of launching their very own streaming service, according to THR.

The trend of launching a streaming platform is more and more popular these days. It shouldn’t be a surprise that NBC is planning on starting a streaming platform to compete with Netflix and others. NBC’s streaming service is set to launch in 2021, and they are taking The Office with them.

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There’s no better way for NBC to compete with Netflix than to take the most-watched show and move it over to their brand-new service. Many people are addicted to The Office. The hope is that NBC’s streaming service will start strong by converting Office-addicted Netflix viewers over to their service. But most people online mention choosing to buy every season on DVD instead of subscribing to another streaming service.

When there was a threat to losing the fan-favorite show Friends, Netflix spent millions on keeping it streaming an additional year. But the fate of the show seems decided already.

NBC plans on streaming the series exclusively on its new platform for 5 years. The good news is viewers received a warning several months in advance but binging The Office back to back is an impossible habit to break.

How do you plan on watching the series after it leaves Netflix?

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