5 ways Stranger Things 4 can be better than last season

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3. Bring the Party back together

Heading into Stranger Things 3, I was really excited to see the whole party together for the first time, really, in the show’s history.

In the first season, Will was obviously missing. In Stranger Things 2, Eleven was missing until the very end of the season. In Stranger Things 3, everything and everyone was perfectly positioned to spend a lot of time together. As we know, that didn’t happen.

We could have had at least a full episode or two with the whole party together: Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Max and Eleven. It happened for about half of one episode. They marched to the top of Weathertop to set up Dustin’s satellite after he returned from summer camp. After that, I don’t think they came back together until the end of “Chapter Seven: The Bite.”

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With Will and Eleven moving away from Hawkins, this is going to be difficult to bring everyone together, but there are definitely ways to make it happen. Maybe they do a standalone episode with El and Will visiting Hawkins. Maybe they come back for another reason. We’ll find out in Stranger Things 4! 

All I know is this show is at its best when these characters are together riffing off each other, and that hasn’t happened much at all in the series lately.