5 ways Stranger Things 4 can be better than last season

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Stranger Things
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4. Add more episodes

Stranger Things, for the most part, covers a very short window of time in the lives of these characters.

Each of the first three seasons only covers about a week in the lives of each of these characters. For example, the first season, basically, takes place between Nov. 6-13, 1983. In Stranger Things 2, the show takes place in about one week around Halloween until the time jump at the end to the Snow Ball.

Again, Stranger Things 3 covers about one week of time before the three-month time jump to October 1985 at the end of the season.

I don’t have a problem with the length of the season, necessarily, but it always feels too short. I think that’s more about me not wanting the season to end than anything else. The pacing is brilliant, and it keeps the show’s quality. However, I could use a slight dip in quality to enjoy more of the “normal” storylines.

For instance, I would have been happy if the third season’s first four episodes were stretched into six episodes to see the kids messing around in Hawkins, spending time together and doing kid things that were fun in the ’80s. By episode 4, the Hawkins Heroes had figured out that there were Russians in Hawkins and that the Mind Flayer was back and controlling Billy.

If the season was 10 episodes, that could have happened in episode 6, and the rest of the season could have stayed the same.

Maybe they could extend the next season to 10-13 episodes. There might be less action, but we could get to spend a lot more time in the lives of these characters, and I think that’d be pretty cool.