5 ways Stranger Things 4 can be better than last season

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Stranger Things
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

5 ways Stranger Things 4 can be even better than the last season of the Netflix original series!

Stranger Things 3 is officially the show of summer 2019! The new season dominated Fourth of July weekend and through the rest of the summer for Netflix.

As good as Stranger Things 3 was, there are a few things the writers and the Duffer Brothers can do to make Stranger Things 4 even better than the last season, and Netflix Life shared five ways that can happen.

While you wait to hear the renewal news for Stranger Things 4, let’s take a look at those ways this show can get even better.

5. Give the characters a break in Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things 3 was excellent TV, but it was very hard on its characters.

Many of the characters were basically tortured in the new season, and not just by monsters. Will just wanted to play D&D with his friends. Dustin was left out of the group, basically, after returning from summer camp. Eleven and Mike were in a little bit of a tiff for most of the season, and Mike was trying to figure out how to get her back. Hopper and Joyce argued for the majority of their screentime together.

It was a lot! That’s life, though, so I understand why they did it that way.

As Sadie Sink mentioned in a recent interview, all fans want to see these characters catch more of a break in the new season. I want to see them happy, for once, in the series. Yes, they are alive, but a lot of damage has been done. I

f there was a way to bring more “normal” or “non-supernatural” storylines into Stranger Things 4, I think that many of these characters would benefit, and we would get a chance to see what life is like when things are going well for these characters.

Maybe that’s impossible, but I think there’s a way to do it that would be really refreshing to see.