Elite is the most popular show on Netflix this week

Elite season 2 - Credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes
Elite season 2 - Credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes /

Elite’s victory as the most binge-watched series on Netflix demonstrates the power of the addicting Spanish series. Here are other shows that also made the top 10!

It’s no surprise when one of Netflix’s biggest productions takes the top spot at TV Time’s Binge Report. It’s expected for Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, and Lucifer, to enjoy No. 1 for a week or more, for example. However, the accomplishment of a foreign series taking top honors is on another level! And this is exactly what Elite has done.

This isn’t to diminish the victories of popular shows such as Stranger Things, of course, but to rather highlight how, as long as the series has a brilliant story and cast, Netflix subscribers will watch it with subtitles or dubbed.

The teen drama Elite is No. 1 this week with a 9.45% of binge session, TV Time reports.

Last week’s champ, 13 Reasons Why, follows behind at No. 2 with 6.94% binge sessions. Other Netflix series that appear on the top 10 are Mindhunter (at No. 4), Lucifer (No. 6) and Orange is the New Black (No. 9).

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If you’re behind on Elite, you’re missing out! The first two seasons are available now on Netflix. A third season is in the works.

Will the high school drama be able to keep its seat next week? There’s another highly anticipated series on the way, Unbelievable from Netflix. I, for one, can’t wait to see it and believe it’ll present Elite with some tough competition.

Amazon Prime Video’s Undone also drops later this month. What are you most looking forward to watching? Stay tuned next week to see if Elite is still No. 1!

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