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THE WEEKLY "Babby Constantin" Episode 3 (Airs Sunday; June 16; 10:00 pm/ep) -- Pictured: Constantin Mutu. CR: FX
THE WEEKLY "Babby Constantin" Episode 3 (Airs Sunday; June 16; 10:00 pm/ep) -- Pictured: Constantin Mutu. CR: FX /
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2. Woman gives birth in a Colorado jail cell

Last week, a Colorado woman who was incarcerated at Denver County Jail gave birth to a child while in her jail cell. Diana Sanchez, a Denver woman charged with identity fraud, was in custody when she told the guards keeping an eye on her that she was close to going into labor, citing contractions. They did nothing despite Sanchez being nine months pregnant.

The video, which has been released to the public, shows Sanchez lying on a very small mattress as she struggled to deal with the excruciating pain of labor. It isn’t until her water breaks that the guard standing outside slides a folded medical pad under the door. Mind you that the pad is small enough to be folded and slid under a cell door, and a nurse never enters the room to attend to Sanchez.

The pregnant woman can be seen unfolding the very tiny piece of material as she clenches her stomach from the pain. It appeared to be a disposable pad used for changing diapers so placing one under a grown woman in labor didn’t do much. Sanchez later told her attorney that her “mattress” was soaked through by the time someone attended to her.

It’s only after Sanchez finally gives birth to her son that a nurse actually enters the room. And the lack of help isn’t because the facility is understaffed, a testimonial from Sanchez taken by CNN confirms that she screamed for help multiple times but no one in the facility came to her side. No one cared what happened to Sanchez or her child—no one.

It’s not for us to judge another’s actions but it’s astonishing to see paid government officers responsible for other’s lives leaving a pregnant woman untreated for so long. Sanchez was later taken to a hospital for treatment but had any complications arisen, neither she or her child would be here today.

In response to this outrageous injustice, Sanchez is now filing a lawsuit against the city, the county, and the Denver Health and Hospital Authority. Her cause is a righteous one and Sanchez deserves this win so others aren’t subjected to the same inexcusable treatment, regardless of their crimes.