FX’s The Weekly: Five stories that the New York Times team should cover next

THE WEEKLY "Babby Constantin" Episode 3 (Airs Sunday; June 16; 10:00 pm/ep) -- Pictured: Constantin Mutu. CR: FX
THE WEEKLY "Babby Constantin" Episode 3 (Airs Sunday; June 16; 10:00 pm/ep) -- Pictured: Constantin Mutu. CR: FX /
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3. Naked man charged with triple homicide arrested

Before getting into the story, it’s always a positive outcome when the police are able to arrest a criminal without injuring anyone. But when there’s a lack of force being used in a situation that clearly calls for it, we should question why an officer tiptoed around a particular situation.

In Pittsylvania County, Virginia, police responded to a call of someone being shot at the end of August. They proceeded to the scene where they found a woman shot dead in her driveway while two more bodies were found in a nearby home shortly after.

The suspected murderer, Matthew Thomas Bernard, 18, was later arrested on three counts of murder but before he could be booked, Bernard went out for a run.

The deranged homicide suspect gave several police officers armed with assault rifles the runaround. Video footage of Bernard shows him running through a church parking lot in an attempt to avoid police officers gingerly pursuing him. They attempt to spray Bernard with pepper spray but he remains unaffected.

After brushing off a spritz of the mace, Bernard proceeds to attack a nearby groundskeeper. Bernard appears to strangle the man and then release him, though the situation could’ve turned out much grislier.

With it being very likely that Bernard just committed multiple homicides, it’s probably safe to assume he’d kill again given the opportunity. So the police allowing Bernard to approach an innocent civilian during a volatile situation placed the unassuming groundskeeper’s life in danger. No one is pointing out their callousness but the situation called for a necessary exercise of force when very little was done.

Nevertheless, it’s fortunate the situation ended without any more unnecessary casualties. The sad news is Bernard still took the lives of three innocents and left a major hole in the life of baseball player Blake Bivens in the process.

All we can do is hope justice will be served in due time. Right now might not be appropriate for The Weekly to conduct an investigation into the matter but once Bivens’ family is ready to tell their story, the New York Times should approach them.