Ghost Adventures: The GA crew investigate ancient spirits in Scottsdale, Arizona

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In season 18, episode 11, our Ghost Adventures crew investigate a dark energy haunting the owner of a North Scottsdale home. Land that was once supposedly occupied by the ancient Hohokam tribe and now according to the owner was now torturing him.

Living first in Tempe, Arizona and now Tucson, Ghost Adventures season 18, episode 11 was close to home, and since I also love the paranormal, I was excited about watching this episode. Our intrepid crew wasted no time getting to the home located in Northern Scottsdale near Granite Mountain to investigate the ominous haunting. There is brief huddle outside the home where Zak informs the crew that there was a dark mysterious event shrouding the home Zak couldn’t tell anyone about because of privacy issues.

After the huddle, our illustrious crew boldly enters the home, where the first thing noted in the house was a dark heavy energy that both Zak and Aaron felt and remarked on. It was so heavy, they had to immediately leave the upstairs and do the interview with Todd, the owner, downstairs to supposedly get away from the oppressing energy. Zak kept bringing up references to how the
Hohokam tribe once lived on the land now occupied by the house as a potential reason for the negative energy.

The tribe, according to him, “mysteriously” disappeared and there is no accounting for what kind of energy they could have been left behind. We are only into the first five to 10 minutes and the melodramatics have already begun. There was even an attempt to correlate that dark energy with the original owner and what she might have suffered living in this building herself. Which raises the question, was this the dark secret Zak couldn’t reveal? That the previous owner had died?

Side note: It is true that the Hohokam culture territory did include Scottsdale, but archaeological evidence has identified only five major core areas which did not include Scottsdale. Granted, they do surround Scottsdale, but no archaeological evidence has been discovered at Scottsdale or nearby Scottsdale at this time.

As for “mysteriously disappearing,” the main theory scientists are tossing around is that as the Hohokam built the local canals for carrying water. However, with the oncoming of a severe drought in the 1200s, water became scarcer and the Hohokam more than likely left their settlements in search of that precious resource. After the Hohokam “mysteriously disappeared,” the territory around Scottsdale was more recently occupied by the Yavapai Indians. If there is any dark history left behind by native tribes, it would more than likely be the Yavapai Indians.

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Getting back to the investigation, Zak interviews local paranormal investigators; Mary Stevens, Marci Blau, and Tara Reidel, who Todd had granted permission to investigate his home. The consensus was that there was a predominant feeling of rage permeating the home. They reported that Todd had experienced bouts of rage where no trigger existed, and Zak also mentioned that while interviewing Todd, too had this overwhelming burst of anger and wanted to physically harm Todd.

Zak mentions that such dark emotions are usually a sign of a demonic presence. Interesting, how just a few minutes ago he was talking dark ancient tribal energy and now suddenly the investigation has changed direction to demonic infestation. Continuing the investigation in this vein, Zak announced that a psychic medium, who Todd personally requested, would be arriving to help with the investigation. Her name is Patti Negri and touted to be Hollywood’s “It” reality show urban witch. She is listed in Spirit Guides Magazine as the “Go-to-spiritualist in Hollywood” and is a white witch.

A little background about witches and magic. There is no such thing as a white or black witch. Energy is energy, magic is magic. The only difference is how that energy is used. If used negatively, then that is considered dark magic and if you use that energy for good, then that is considered white magic. So, if Patti is considered a white witch, that just means she uses nature’s energy in a positive way.

Now back to our regularly scheduled Ghost Adventures, as I am now curious about Patti’s presence there to do the investigation. Earlier, Todd was saying how he didn’t believe in the paranormal, until the activity happening in his home convinced him he might be wrong. So, how does a non-believer living in the outskirts of Scottsdale know about Hollywood’s go-to-spiritualist, and how did she suddenly conveniently have the time to fly to Arizona?

She walks through the house picking up on the spirit of a woman, which matches Todd’s story of meeting the spirit of the previous owner on the dirt road leaving his residence. Zak and crew captured numerous EVP’s of a female spirit, which is more than likely the previous owner. They also picked up a couple of EVPs from a male entity who says “pagan,” in one of EVP’s. Coincidence that they capture the word “pagan” and Patti being a witch is a pagan? Could the spirit be acknowledging her presence there?

Patti does a house blessing and seals the mirrors. It is a pagan belief that mirrors act as portals for spirits to come and go as they please. Sometimes mirrors can even act as doorways, so not surprising during the house blessing she would seal the mirrors.

The Ghost Adventures crew did capture good paranormal evidence, which included fantastic EVP’s. Yet, that evidence was shelved behind the references to apparently non-existence dark energy from the Hohokam and possible demonic activity inferred earlier. Instead of doing a true scientific investigation and letting the evidence speak for itself, they muddy the findings with information that turned out not even to be related to their evidence.

They captured great evidence that revealed that the previous owner was haunting the house and was seemingly trying to contact the new owner, Todd. The rest of the information was unnecessary and detracted from a solid investigation.

What are your thoughts on this episode? We would love to hear opinions in the comment section below. Ghost Adventures airs Saturdays on the Travel Channel at 9/8c.

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