25 best new Netflix movies to watch in September 2019

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19. Head Count

Release Year: 2019

Directed By: Elle Callahan

Starring: Isaac Jay, Jay Lee, Ashleigh Morgan, Bevin Bru, A.J. Helfet, Billy Meade, Hunter Peterson, Catherine Tapling, Chelcie May, Tory Freeth, Michael Herman, Amaka Obiechie, Sam Marra, Cooper Rowe

Release Date: Friday, Sept. 13

One of the consistent perks of Netflix is the ability to watch movies that wouldn’t have a platform to be seen otherwise. Not all movies have the opportunity to reach a wide audience, even if they are made available on for-purchase video on-demand platforms. Each month, Netflix adds movies that missed the mainstream and gives viewers a chance to support something other than blockbusters. This September, a horror film called Head Count is one of the best new Netflix movies.

During a weekend trip to the desert in Joshua Tree, a group of teenagers inadvertently summon a shape-shifting paranormal entity to their ignorance when they recite a chant from an online site. Unbeknownst to them, the monster takes on their appearance in order to blend into the group and separate the teens into groups of five. From there, the monster begins its fatal ritual, but somewhere along the line, they have to become privy to what they’ve done to save themselves.

Head Count marks the feature directorial debut of director Elle Callahan. The film premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Sept. 24, 2018, and then received a limited theatrical and streaming release earlier this summer. Without a major release and prior to its drop on Netflix, Head Count has earned a 69% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. If you’re in the mood for a new mystery thriller, make sure to mark your calendar for Head Count’s Netflix premiere on Sept. 13.