25 best new Netflix movies to watch in September 2019

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13. Open Season

Release Year: 2006

Directed By: Jill Culton and Roger Allers

Starring: Martin Lawrence, Ashton Kutcher, Cary Sinise, Debra Messing, Billy Connolly, Jon Favreau, Georgia Engel, Jane Krakowski, Gordon Tootoosis, Patrick Warburton, Cody Cameron, Danny Mann, Matthew W. Taylor, Nika Futterman, Michelle Murdocca, Fergal Reilly

Release Date: Sunday, Sept. 1

As mentioned and promised, September will be a good month for the kiddos who favor animated films, especially animated films about talking animals. The final new addition of the month Netflix movies targeted to kids might be the most popular and the best pick of the pack. Open Season, the 2006 animated hit that just missed the upcoming rush of modern animated blockbusters, will be a welcome alternative to the movies Netflix kids have on heavy rotation.

Open Season follows Boog (Martin Lawrence), a 900-pound grizzly bear who lives a rather awesome existence as he entertains tourists and lives in park ranger Beth’s (Debra Messing) bar. However, Boog finds his life turned upside down when he steps in to save one-horned mule deer Elliot (Ashton Kutcher) from a ruthless hunter (Gary Sinise) and winds up tranquilized and sent back into the wild. So long is his peaceful life. Boog and Elliot enlist other animals to fight back against the hunters and keep their natural habitat in the woods safe.

Upon release, Open Season received mixed reception from critics, as reflected by its middling 48% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Still, the film was commercially successful with a worldwide box office gross of $197.3 million against its production budget of $85 million. Open Season was followed by three sequels that were released direct-to-video: 2008’s Open Season 2, 2010’s Open Season 3, and 20015’s Open Season: Scared Silly. Don’t let the kids miss the original animated flick of the franchise when it begins streaming on Netflix at the top of the month.