Stranger Things 4: 16 things that should happen in the new season

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We don’t want any more sad tears

After watching Stranger Things 3, I was a wreck! There were a few scenes that crushed me. Obviously, Hopper, basically, sacrificing himself while Joyce saved them and destroyed the machine was a tough scene, but the aftermath was worse.

The scene when Joyce emerges from the Russian base and sees Eleven killed me. The look on Eleven’s face when she realized Hopper didn’t make it was crushing.

Then, the scene where Eleven reads Hopper’s letter really killed me. I really don’t want to go through that all again in Stranger Things 4. 

I also hated watching Will’s arc and breakdown in Castle Byers. That was one of the saddest scenes we’ve seen in Stranger Things so far. I don’t want to see these kids being tortured anymore.

So, in my wish list, I’m hoping that our heroes can beat all the bad guys and suffer no losses along the way. That’s what I’d really like to see in Stranger Things 4.

Of course, that’s not going to happen. The stakes, at this point, are just too high right now. One of the main characters will likely kick the bucket in the fourth season. That’s just my guess, but someone always dies in this show, and I just hope it’s not one of the characters we love.

We’ll find out in Stranger Things 4!