Stranger Things 4: 16 things that should happen in the new season

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Mr. Clarke should have a more impactful role in the series

I know I’m not the only Mr. Clarke fan out there!

Mr. Clarke has been one of the key players in Stranger Things over the first three seasons, but he rarely gets the screentime or credit he deserves.

For those keeping track at home, the Hawkins Middle School teacher and AV Club sponsor is basically responsible for providing all the science in this show. He explains the Upside Down better than Alexei, basically, with the whole flea, tight rope and acrobat analogy, which helps our heroes find Will. In season 3, Mr. Clarke correctly diagnoses the magnetic field issue in Hawkins, which launches Joyce’s goose chase.

Without him, does Hawkins even make it out of season 1? Who knows!

The craziest part about all this is that Mr. Clarke doesn’t even know how influential he has been in saving the world! That’s wild, and I really hope he learns how important he has been to this series.

Here’s to hoping we get to see more Mr. Clarke, played by Randy Havens, in Stranger Things 4!