Stranger Things 4: 16 things that should happen in the new season

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Steve and Robin should be best friends

One of the best parts of Stranger Things 3 was Robin and Steve’s friendship and how that developed over the course of the season. Robin, played by Maya Hawke, is an incredible character in this series, and I see a number of different directions the Duffer Brothers and the writers can take her story in the new season.

I hope, though, they allow Steve and Robin to continue to be friends and see where that leads, and, no, I don’t mean romantically. Joe Keery and Hawke have excellent chemistry and that comes across in these two characters and how they interact. Steve has basically become a lovable idiot, which is quite the change from how he was when we first met him. Robin can only help his continued transformation into good person in the future.

When Robin goes to bat for Steve and stands up to Keith at the video store, it proves how much she enjoys being around “The Hair.” There’s a real bond that developed in this near-death experience, and I want to see more of that in the next season.

I don’t know how you feel, but I can also see the Duffer Brothers introducing a little more drama in this storyline. After establishing relationships in previous seasons, the Duffer Brothers really like to flip things in the next season.

Will and Dustin, after leaning on his friends for two seasons, get mad at Mike and Lucas in season 3. Eleven and Mike, who have shown pretty much nothing but love for each other in the first two seasons, start feuding in the third season 3.

Hopper and Joyce, along with Nancy and Jonathan, often go through good and bad patches over the course of each season. I’m expecting something like that will happen with Robin and Steve in season 4, but they’ll find a way through it and it will only make them stronger.

We’ll see!