Stranger Things 4: 16 things that should happen in the new season

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The Party should get back together again

As mentioned, the end of Stranger Things 3 was really tough for a number of reasons. Obviously, it was emotional with all the events that happened in the Russian base. We also saw the Byers, along with Eleven, pack up and leave Hawkins. That’s going to be tough to see in the new season.

Even though I’m expecting these characters to return to Hawkins and get back together in the new season, things will never be the same, and that’s, I think, what the season was all about. The logline for the season was “One summer can change everything.” And, it did.

I want The Party to be back together again. I want Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Eleven and Max to be back and hanging out together in the new season. They are all growing up and changing, but deep down, they will always be connected because of their shared trauma, as Murray put it, and their love for each other.

Along with The Party, I also want to see the Griswold Family back together and interacting with the Scoops Troop in the final scene of the season. I want a big backyard BBQ or party at the Wheeler’s house in the new season.

Please make it happen, Netflix!

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