Stranger Things 4: 16 things that should happen in the new season

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We should learn more about the Upside Down

We’re three seasons into Stranger Things, and I still don’t really understand what exactly the Upside Down is. There are a lot of theories around the web about it truly being a parallel dimension, Hawkins in the future, and more.

I just want to learn more about how it’s all connected, how the Mind Flayer works, and how that shadow world came to be, basically. There’s a chance we could see that in Stranger Things 4, although that might be down the line if the show comes back for a fifth season.

I truly think the show is heading for a showdown with the Hawkins Heroes vs. The Mind Flayer. If it comes to that, our heroes will need to know everything they can about the Upside Down. My guess is that this connection between the Mind Flayer and Will might work both ways.

We know the Mind Flayer is basically a hive mind for the full Upside Down. Everything is connected, and that’s the same reasons why Billy, Mrs. Driscoll, Tom, Bruce and all of the Flayed were injured when other Flayed were injured. I want to know more about why that is the way it is.

If Will can figure out how to tap into the Mind Flayer, there’s a chance we could learn what the Upside Down really is, how it all works, and how to exploit its weaknesses.