Stranger Things 4: 16 things that should happen in the new season

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Stranger Things 4
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We should see “Justice for Alexei”

Alexei, we hardly knew you.

After getting the project turned over to him to open the Upside Down, Alexei moves to Hawkins, and that’s where he was kidnapped by Joyce and Hopper and taken to Murray’s house in Chicago. There, we learned Alexei wasn’t a bad guy at all. He just wanted a better life than what he had, and he wanted to have his slice of Americana pie and wash it down with a cherry – not strawberry – Slurpee.

He only got a little taste of that life before he was murdered at the Fourth of July Fun Fair by the Big Russian, Grigori.

What does Justice for Alexei look like? I don’t really know, honestly. I think it would be fine if all those horrible Russians, the ones who made him do these things, were killed for starters, especially the commander who tortured Robin and Steve. That would be a good start.

Overall, though, I think justice would be served if the Hawkins Heroes, with Murray and Joyce involved, win somehow. I don’t really know what winning looks like at this point because there’s still so much up in the air, but that’s what would make me feel complete with Alexei’s story.