Stranger Things 4: 16 things that should happen in the new season

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Dr. Brenner should get eaten by a Demogorgon or melted by the Mind Flayer

Man, Dr. Brenner is the worst. Without him, none of this horrible stuff happens in Hawkins.

As we learned after season 1, Dr. Brenner, who was mauled by a Demogorgon in the season 1 finale, is still alive, although we haven’t seen him since. There’s a lot of talk that he’s actually the American in the Russian prison. I disagree.

Instead, I think Brenner has been working with the Russians all along after Dr. Owens and the US government likely booted him following his actions in the first season and prior to that.

I really, really, really hope Brenner gets what is coming to him, though, and that’s death by Demogorgon or melting by the Mind Flayer. I had to watch Bob Newby get feasted on by multiple Demodogs. I want Brenner to get that same treatment in Stranger Things 4.

I’d also be fine with the Mind Flayer melting him down just like Heather and all those poor people of Hawkins. Either way, Dr. Brenner needs to get what’s coming to him, if there is any justice in Stranger Things 4.

We’ll see what happens!