Stranger Things 3: 5 best Robin moments

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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

1. Robin comes out to Steve

This is probably Robin’s best and most emotional moment in the whole season. After Robin and Steve left the movie theater to get some water, they looked up at the warped ceiling lights for too long, causing the pair to feel sick and hurry to bathroom. They started to come off of the high from the drugs and Steve shared how much he cared about Robin and how he has a crush on her.

She sat and listened to Steve share his feelings and I’m pretty sure we all thought they’d both confess their love for each other and get together as a sweet couple. However, what we didn’t know is that Robin was really crushing on this other girl, Tammy Thompson, who was in the same class as them. She shared how Tammy would always be looking at Steve when really she wanted Tammy to pay attention to her instead. Robin gets personal and tells Steve that he just ignored her the whole time and he was a “douchebag” back then.

I love this moment so much and I’m so glad Robin’s character arc went this way. It would be so typical for her to end up with Steve and it’s nice to see her not be defined by anyone else. She became an individual with her own personal feelings and was a huge part of the action through the season. I also think her friendship with Steve grew even stronger after this. He just joked with her after she revealed her feelings and they went back to laughing like nothing even happened. What a good friend to have!

Most importantly, Robin became the out and proud LGBTQ+ representation that Stranger Things needed. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Stranger Things is better off for having Robin be her authentic self and knowing this about her makes her even more badass than before.

What are some of your favorite Robin moments from Stranger Things 3? Let us know in the comments!

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