Netflix original binges: GLOW season 3 review

GLOW - Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix
GLOW - Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix /

GLOW provided an emotional roller coaster build-up for season 4 on Netflix. Read Netflix Life’s review of GLOW season 3.

The third season of the Netflix original GLOW has been released for almost a month, and it’s time to discuss this special show. This binge was special because it leaves people wondering where the ladies could potentially end up next. All the ladies went through major changes emotionally and physically while putting on a show in Las Vegas that immediately brings hope for a season 4.

The binge started off with a major hint of a loop with the show format. The show was in a continuous, unbearable loop, and the ladies were feeling the effects of having the show be in a creative stalemate.

The ladies physically as well as emotionally dealt with the hard life of a wrestler outside of the ring. The only major conflict prior to them going to Las Vegas was Ruth and Debbie’s friendship being at risk. Amazingly once Debbie and Ruth made up, everything else around them seemed to fall apart.

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With higher management that seems to not know what to do next, the ladies decide to take matters into their own hands in the episode “Freaky Tuesday” and decided to play different gimmicks other than what they have been doing since arriving in Vegas.

This episode was the tipping point for everything changing since Sheila for the first time openly shed her identity in favor of another gimmick. All the characters went through changes in the ring, but outside of the ring they also went through changes and were never the same after this special show.

Sheila was the center of attention going through perhaps the biggest change out of anyone with her former identity being shed for good. Sheila ultimately decides that she wants to act and wants nothing to hold her back.

This brings a question of what’s next for Sheila? The rest of the girls seem to have their paths decided and will be going their own separate ways soon, but it would be interesting to have a full season with all of them seemingly looking for what’s next beyond GLOW.

The girls being fed up was in large part of the even more demanding schedule that they weren’t prepared to endure but managed to cope. Which led to the season finale of the Netflix original where the girls once again pulled something unique and not part of their normal show routine.

Their Christmas show special had a feeling like a World Wrestling Entertainment Christmas special, which isn’t a bad thing if that scares you away if you are a WWE fan familiar with the Christmas specials. It was a lighthearted show that can make a person feel holiday cheer no matter when the episode is watched.

Even the Christmas spirit couldn’t keep morale high for long. Even though Ruth and Debbie were on great terms the whole season, suddenly after their Christmas show, it seems like things between them have turned complicated again. They may not be the only ones where things are complicated, and it leaves the door open for the next season.

What happens in Vegas normally stays in Vegas, but this time, what happens in Vegas may change everything for GLOW on Netflix. The girls for next season for the first time may be divided for an even more emotional season than this past season.

Watch GLOW on Netflix and stay tuned for hopefully good news for another season to come to continue the roller coaster ride as the ladies begin their new journeys.

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