NBC’s Manifest Season 2: Andrene Ward-Hammond and Ellen Tamaki join the cast

The cast of NBC’s Manifest is getting a little bigger in season two with a few new cast additions. Find out more details below.

In the second season of NBC’s Manifest, the core group of characters will be joined by Andrene Ward-Hammond and Ellen Tamaki.

According to an exclusive report from Deadline, Hammond will portray Captain Kate Bowers, the new Captain in Michaela’s (Melissa Roxburgh) precinct. She’s described as a no-nonsense Captain so it’s likely she won’t let Michaela reach beyond her normal police duties like she was allowed to in the past.

As for Tamaki, she’ll be playing Detective Mikami, the new detective assigned to work alongside Detective Stone. Tamaki’s character is only referred to as a bright and confident detective which makes her role unclear.

Warning! Spoilers for season one of NBC’s Manifest follow.

What we’re concerned about is why Michaela needs a new partner anyway. Jared (J.R. Ramirez) was her partner up to the season one finale, though it’s possible his confrontation with Zeke (Matt Long) resulted in Jared being suspended or outright fired. He was in the wrong for confronting Zeke, and if the incident report reads that Jared acted negligently, a suspension is plausible.

There’s also the matter of what happened to Captain Riojas (Alfredo Narciso). He didn’t die in the season one finale and that leaves a major question of why he’s being replaced unanswered. Of course, it is possible the Jared/Michaela situation gets higher command involved and Riojas is subsequently removed from his position because of their actions.

Apart from being legitimately removed, there’s also a possibility Michaela’s pursuit of The Callings will bring unintended consequences on Riojas.

Fans have witnessed how the Passengers’ family and friends all seem to die when they become close so it goes to reason Riojas could wind up in a similar predicament. Then again, it’s just as plausible for Captain Riojas to simply be on a vacation. But with Ward-Hammond being cast as a recurring character in season two, that probably means Alfredo Narciso is out of the picture for the time being.

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NBC’s Manifest returns for Season Two in Spring 2020.

(Source: Deadline)