15 best Netflix movies you may have missed

Fundamentals of Caring - Fundamentals of Caring - Credit: Annette Brown/Netflix
Fundamentals of Caring - Fundamentals of Caring - Credit: Annette Brown/Netflix /
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9. How It Ends

This may have been a summer blockbuster if it were released maybe ten years ago. With films like The Day After Tomorrow, 2012,  and more recently San Andreas, this movie easily could have soaked up some summertime movie-going fun. Instead, it landed on Netflix in a less than a good outing. Forest Whitaker, Tom, and Theo James, Will, trek across an apocalypse-ridden world to reunite with Tom’s daughter and Will’s fiance Sam, played by Kat Graham.

Will is traveling out to Chicago to have dinner with Sam’s parents and ask her father for permission to marry her. She also is pregnant, which is not mentioned to this disapproving dad. Throughout the night an argument breaks out and Will never mentions either item. He is on a phone call with Sam the next day to return home when a loud sound comes over the phone and the call drops. An “event” has taken place on the west coast and eventually Will and Tom head out to Seattle to rescue Sam. The two are met with bandits and a few close calls in which Will shows his ability to “protect” Sam and he earns Tom’s respect.

While this is a nice short apocalypse movie, it came and went with basically no conversation. Forest Whitaker is a presence on any screen and can make almost any character intriguing, but don’t come in expecting A-level Forest. If you’re in any mood for a disaster movie that isn’t just explosions and big CGI effects, How It Ends is a decent selection.