15 best Netflix movies you may have missed

Fundamentals of Caring - Fundamentals of Caring - Credit: Annette Brown/Netflix
Fundamentals of Caring - Fundamentals of Caring - Credit: Annette Brown/Netflix /
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1. Hold the Dark

The Alaskan wilderness is a beast in of itself, but when real beasts begin to be suspected of killing people, the real mysteries of the wild begin. Based on a novel of the same name, Hold the Dark unravels a mystery in the snowy plains and takes the viewer on twists and turns around supernatural lore in the tundra. Directed by Jeremy Saulnier of Green Room, this movie displays a beautiful look and tone to its brutal landscape.

Writer Russell Core, Jeffrey Wright, studies wolf behavior and receives a letter from a mother who’s son has disappeared. Medora, Riley Keough, displays strange behavior but claims her son has gone missing along with other children in the same way. The local wolves are to blame but nobody has found any proof of this theory. Medora’s husband Vernon, Alexander Skarsgard, is a veteran of the Iraq War and seems to have a proclivity towards violence. The spirit of the wolf is a constant theme during this mystery and the characters involved all feed off of different energies possibly replicating what they see in a wolf.

First and foremost, while this discussion has nothing to do with this movie, there is a part of me that desires to see this movie in theaters. It’s beautifully shot and has some wonderful landscapes. It’s quite reminiscent of Wind River in the snowy plains and the brutal tone of the movie playing against the soft white snow. This movie came and went quickly without much discussion and it’s a shame.

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