15 best Netflix movies you may have missed

Fundamentals of Caring - Fundamentals of Caring - Credit: Annette Brown/Netflix
Fundamentals of Caring - Fundamentals of Caring - Credit: Annette Brown/Netflix /
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2. Paddleton

The indie film industry has always been tough to traverse, but in recent years there has been more awareness in a few filmmakers that achieve a larger spotlight. The Duplass brothers, Mark and Jay, are two of the best minds working today and have worked together or separately on plenty of great projects. From television shows like The League to Transparent and films like Creep and Wild, Wild Country, they have been actors or creators on so many projects. This project is apart of their larger deal with Netflix to create original content for the streaming brand and Paddleton is a great, but hidden entry to this.

The story of two neighbors that love to make their pizzas and watch kung-fu movies start with a fun soundtrack and some funny moments. However, Michael (Mark Duplass) receives a terminal diagnosis of cancer and a short amount of time to live. His friend Andy (Ray Romano) stands by his side and vows to help him through this treatment. Yet, Michael has a different plan, he wishes to consume a medication that will cause his death instead of having to suffer through his cancer. The progression of their friendship, when faced with such a large encompassing question, puts a strain on each man but also opens them up for some real moments together.

Fans of Romano or Duplass are aware of their humor and the ability to tell jokes, but this movie takes that ability and stretches it into a more serious tone. While there are still laughs to enjoy, the big emotional moments are played well and the scenes breathe long enough for the viewer to reflect on their thoughts. This is a truly relatable movie to anyone who has dealt with some sort of terminal illness of a loved one, the options we have to fight these terrible diseases are limited and many wonder about the reality of letting a person decided to not fight.