15 best Netflix movies you may have missed

Fundamentals of Caring - Fundamentals of Caring - Credit: Annette Brown/Netflix
Fundamentals of Caring - Fundamentals of Caring - Credit: Annette Brown/Netflix /
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Little Evil – Credit: Katrina Marcinowski
Little Evil – Credit: Katrina Marcinowski /

6. Little Evil

Do you like The Omen? Do you like Shaun of the Dead? If you answered yes to both or either of those questions, then watch this movie. Many critics referenced both of those movies when describing the tone of Little Evil. Featuring performances from Adam Scott, Evangeline Lilly, Bridget Everett, and many others round out this hilarious horror film. This brand of comedy comes from Eli Craig, whose notable work includes Tucker and Dale vs Evil.

Gary Blooms (Scott) marries Samantha (Lilly), who has a mysterious five-year-old son Lucas. Through a series of events, Gary becomes convinced that Lucas is in fact, the Anti-Christ. His friend group, his step-dad support group, and a few religious zealots all convince him of this reality and work with him to possibly prevent the end of the world. Tactfully placed along in this movie are themes of parenting and step-parenting as well as some well-timed gaffes that create laughs at movies like The Omen.

Somehow this movie was overlooked by many despite receiving extremely positive reviews on the major review sites. However, it seems that audiences weren’t too impressed as the rating is significantly lower. No matter, reviews are opinion based and this is a specific genre for laughs and some spoof material on classic horror tropes. Whether you find it genuinely funny, or intentional spoofy, Little Evil is a great selection for your dining entertainment.