15 best Netflix movies you may have missed

Fundamentals of Caring - Fundamentals of Caring - Credit: Annette Brown/Netflix
Fundamentals of Caring - Fundamentals of Caring - Credit: Annette Brown/Netflix /
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Tau – Credit: Sanja Bucko
Tau – Credit: Sanja Bucko /

7. Tau

Keeping with the science fiction heavy list here, Tau is less about the existence of life but rather what is a human, but also how does one escape from being tested on like a lab rat. Featuring the ultra-talented Gary Oldman as the titular Tau, a computer program that is a smart house and security system. Additionally, Game of Thrones alum Ed Skrein and relatively unknown Maika Monroe consist of the two main human roles. Since this takes place in basically one room, the cast is small and the non-AI parts interact regularly.

Tau starts with the abduction of Monroe’s character, Julia. She finds herself trapped in a room with two other subjects and they all have a device implanted at the base of their skulls. She quickly figures out she’s being tested on and the man responsible has no intention of letting them go once he’s finished. After a failed escape attempt, she witnesses Tau in action and begins to act accordingly but begin to work an angle with Tau.

This thriller has the makings of a typical “captured person” movie, but a turn in its later stage brings up some questions about what separates humans from computers once they can form memories and thoughts. Although it has the makings of a solid movie, it greatly lacks in any meaningful way. It’s clear that possibly all of these actors were not in the same room for most of this and the time spent developing this idea, was minimal. Still, it’s a nice choice to watch when you’ve run out of options.