How to visit the set of Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Here’s how you can visit the set locations of Stranger Things 3, including the Starcourt Mall, Hawkins National Lab, and more!

Interested in taking a visit to the Starcourt Mall? Well, now you can!

Stranger Things 3, for the most part, was filmed in and around Atlanta, and you can visit some of the places where the Netflix original series is filmed, as long as they are not in production at the time.

While there is no official set tour run by Netflix or anything like that, there is a tour group, Civitatis, that will take you to many of the Stranger Things filming locations, including the Hawkins National Lab, Medvald’s General Store, Hawk Cinema, Hawkins Middle School, Brimborn Steelworks, according to a report from Lonely Planet.

The tour costs about $150 per person and takes roughly four hours, according to the tour group’s site.

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Most of the locations you can visit are near Atlanta in smaller towns, like Jackson, Conyers, Stockbridge, Gwinnett, Douglasville, and more.

You can even take a visit to the Starcourt Mall in Gwinnett. Fun fact: It’s a real mall that was built in the 1980s and still attracts tourists today! I’m sure it’s a little bit busier than it was before Stranger Things 3 premiered.

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I’d love to take a tour of the Starcourt Mall. It was such a cool setting for the third season, and it was the perfect backdrop to help the series feel authentic and real. Without that unique setting, I don’t know if the whole mall storyline would have worked as well into the season. And, without the Starcourt Mall, I don’t know how the full season comes together.

It’d also be really cool to walk through the town of Jackson, which was used as the backdrop of the downtown scenes in the series. It just has this awesome older vibe to it, from the pictures I’ve seen. The other place I’d like to see is Hawkins Middle School. So much of the series takes place there, especially with the final sequence of the first season.

With each new season of Stranger Things, there are new set locations introduced. Hopefully, Stranger Things 4, which is rumored to start production this fall, will introduce a few more locations that we can visit in the future, as well.

Will you be visiting these locations? Let us know in the comments section below!

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