Secret Obsession is a Lifetime Movie but an entertaining one

Catch Brenda Song in the new Netflix thriller Secret Obsession, one of the hottest new releases from the streaming giant.

When Secret Obsession arrived last week it was a hit for Netflix. Starring former Disney star Brenda Song and popular All State insurance spokesperson Dennis Haysbert, Secret Obsession was bound to get people’s attention.

The story being one of mystery and intrigue was also ripe for tense moments, even though they basically give away the plot in the trailer. Secret Obsession is one of the hottest recent releases on Netflix so I had to see what all the fuss was about.

After watching the trailer my expectations were tempered. As I mentioned above, it feels like they give away the best part of the movie in the trailer. It still seems like an interesting ride but they give you one of the biggest answers with the way the trailer is cut. Still, Secret Obsession seemed like the type of movie you watch with a group of people or with your significant other and try to point out all of the clues or argue about why the main character isn’t seeing the signs.

Secret Obsession — Photo by Jack Zeman — Acquired via Netflix Media Center

The story

Just in case you haven’t and don’t plan to watch the trailer I’ll do my best to give you an idea what the movie is about without giving you the answers. Brenda Song (The Suite Life of Zach & Cody) plays Jennifer Williams.

At the start of the movie, she is running in the rain while being pursued by a man in all black carrying a knife. This scene ends with her running into the road and being hit by a car. She winds up in the hospital and has to deal with some memory loss from the accident. Most importantly, she doesn’t remember her new husband.

Besides the memory loss, she also has a bad leg injury so once she’s stable and able to go home, she’s still going to have to do rehab for the leg. Her husband, who has sat by her bed every night is more than willing to help.

That is until he isn’t. At the hospital, he’s cooperative and helpful but once they get home he shuts Jennifer off from the world. She is wondering why he’s doing this and starts to question why she is with this man.

Meanwhile, our detective, Frank Page (Haysbert), is also suspicious. Witnesses at the scene of the accident mentioned seeing a white truck pulling a car with a wench. Jennifer’s car is missing so Detective Page thinks that this was likely her car being pulled and that the missing person in the white truck may have been up to no good having fled the scene.

The movie follows Jennifer’s recovery, her husband keeping her isolated, and Detective Page trying to get to the bottom of what happened the night she was hit.

Plot holes

Secret Obsession is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. The movie wants you to accept a lot of things that don’t make a ton of sense. First off, when Jennifer arrives at the hospital, the doctors mention that she did not have any identification on her. However, when someone shows up to the hospital and asks for her by name the person at the desk immediately knows who he is talking about. Now, you could say that perhaps this is a small town and the fact that he mentioned a car accident let the person know who he was talking about but I didn’t like it.

Later in the movie, there is a scene where one character kills another who is larger than them without the larger character doing a couple of obvious things that would have gotten them free in the moment. In this scene, there was also the factor of the person being killed having the presence of mind to hit their car alarm to alert their neighbors that something was up but then allowed themselves to be hidden behind a small barrier when said neighbors came out to look for them.

There are moments where the detective continues to go into dangerous situations without backup and I could go on and on for a while here but my point is to expect a lot of illogical things to happen. These moments don’t necessarily make or break the movie.

Secret Obsession

Secret Obsession — Photo by Alex Lombardi — Acquired via Netflix Media Center

Brenda Song

I personally had not seen Brenda in anything since her Disney days so it was great to see her now as an adult. She does a great job in Secret Obsession considering what her character is dealing with. She’s been injured and has lost her memory and now has a strange man telling her that they’re married. He also gives her some other news that had to be hurtful to forget so she’s dealing with a lot of difficult things all at once. On top of that she is physically hurt and unable to get around on her own so she is basically at this man’s mercy.

She does a good job of trying to act normal while clearly having questions about a lot that she is experiencing. You can see that she’s not completely herself but she is trying to be when she gets back to the house and is trying to regain some level of normalcy.

I enjoyed her performance for the most part but her limp became incredibly annoying over time. I’m being nitpicky by even mentioning it but I spent a lot of time laughing at the way she was walking and it had to be mentioned.


Secret Obsession is not Gone Girl by any means but it does manage to create some tense moments and there is enough mystery to keep you interested. While one of the answers is obvious and given to you early on there is still a lot to figure out throughout the movie and this is fed to you slowly.

The movie is short at just an hour and 27 minutes so the pace is not a problem either. If you were thinking of adding it to your list feel free to do so, just go in with appropriate expectations.

Secret Obsession is currently streaming on Netflix.

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