Lucifer season 5: Will Netflix split the final season into two parts?

Lucifer fans were greeted with some fantastic news recently. Lucifer season 5 will be 16 episodes!

Originally, the final season was going to consist of 10 episodes, like Lucifer season 4. Netflix added six episodes to the final season of the series. And, that’s a really good thing for Lucifer fans!

We don’t know why exactly Lucifer season 5 added six more episodes. Likely, Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson and the rest of the writers decided there was too much story to cram into those final 10 episodes. These extra six episodes should help the show go out more on its own terms, which was something TVLine reported the showrunners wanted.

I could be wrong, but a 16-episode season has not happened for a Netflix original drama. They’ve done 20-episodes seasons, like with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. In those instances, Netflix has released the season in 10-episode parts.

It could certainly be possible that Netflix will split Lucifer season 5 into two halves, with one half airing in 2020 and the second half either later in the year or in 2021. It will end up feeling like more of our favorite devilish show.

Each half would likely have eight episodes. This is slightly shorter than most Netflix original dramas (they tend to have 10 episodes right now) but still enough to get a decent storyline. Splitting in half would allow some sort of storyline to bring Lucifer back from Hell and then give us a happy ending to finally wrap up the series. Everyone deserves a happy ending, right?

Splitting the season in half could also mean cutting the wait time between seasons. Most Netflix originals take 12-14 months for new seasons to air, allowing time for filming, post-production, and scheduling. Filming for all episodes needs to be finished. Having eight episodes per half instead of 10, filming time could be cut down by a month or more, speeding up the process of releasing the episodes to the world.

Would you like to see Lucifer season 5 split into two halves? Share your thoughts in the comments below.