The Handmaid’s Tale renewed for Season 4 at TCA event

Unsurprisingly, Hulu’s hit series The Handmaid’s Tale was renewed for a fourth season at the latest TCA event. Find out more details below.

Today’s TCA event in Los Angeles brought with it many surprises from Hulu’s corner of the entertainment industry. Among the announcements made at the event was a renewal of The Handmaid’s Tale. Season Four is being tentatively scheduled for next year.

As far as how Season Four will factor into the ongoing plot of The Handmaid’s Tale, we’ll have to take a look at what the show’s creators have done with the current season for more insight.

Warning! Spoilers for the latest episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale follow. Read on at your own discretion.

The producers of The Handmaid’s Tale have set up season three of the Hulu Original to build anticipation for the inevitable clash between June’s legion of rebellious Handmaids and the totalitarian regime of Gilead. Their freedoms have been infringed upon for long enough, and an uprising in the works.

Said confrontation will presumably take place in the Season Three finale, leaving the Republic of Gilead in one of two positions. Either the country will undergo another reconstruction — a  more liberal one — or the nation’s leaders will reassert themselves with a grand display of power, presumably by publicly executing June’s co-conspirators.

Whatever the case may be, a renewal for Season Four means fans will get to see what happens after the war — assuming there is one in Season Three. It’s worth mentioning that the remaining episodes could conclude without June inciting the revolution she’s been so eager for. June will probably make good on her promise to free children from Gilead, but the war she wants to wage could be waylaid until next year.

Additionally, there are three episodes left this season, and a majority of that will likely focus on June’s mission to free children. Therefore, it’s much more feasible for the coming war to happen in Season Four rather than in Season Three.

The major subject we’re pondering over is how The Handmaid’s Tale’s producers intend to distinguish Season Four from prior seasons. Tone and general feel will presumably stay the same, but a change in scenery for characters like June (Elisabeth Moss) seems like a distinct possibility.

Fans have witnessed June struggle with the oppressive dictatorship of Gilead for three seasons, and it’s about time she gets a break. June is determined to get children out of the country while she stays behind to help others but who’s to say June won’t accompany them?

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For all we know, the transports used will need confident chauffers like June to keep the kids calm. They’ll presumably travel through checkpoints so the children will have to remain quiet if they don’t want to be discovered.

Furthermore, the situation could call for June to leave Gilead behind. We’re sure she wouldn’t have any qualms about the life she’s leaving behind but June may hesitate once again, because of Hannah and Nicole. Then again, her daughters could be among those she rescues. If that’s the case, season three could conclude with June and her daughters riding off into the sunset together.

What are your expectations for season four of The Handmaid’s Tale? Let us know in the comments section below.

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(Source: Variety)