Stranger Things 3: Where do (SPOILER) move?

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Stranger Things 3 closed out on an emotional high note, taking the (spoiler) out of Hawkins, Indiana and moving to a new home. Where could they have gone?

Spoilers for Stranger Things 3 to follow! Head back and finish up the season before continuing!

In what was the most emotional season finale, and maybe even most emotional episode wrap up for the series so far, the end of Stranger Things 3 reflected on the relationships, moments, and values that made Hawkins, Indiana so special, especially to Jim Hopper.

While we had known through the season that Joyce had her home up on the market without the kids’ knowledge, the end of the season finale actually featured the Byers family packing up their home to move away with Eleven.

There was never any explicit mention of exactly to where the Byers were moving, but there are some speculations that you could have. Part of me is wondering if they would have moved at all if Hopper hadn’t died (or not?). I have to say though, seeing the Byers’ belongings all packed away and the goodbyes everyone shared is heart-wrenching. It felt like the end of an era, or the end of so many memories and excitement that was shared in that house.

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My first idea is that the Byers and Eleven could have moved to Maine. If you remember Bob Newby (how could you forget?), he periodically brought up the idea of moving out of Hawkins and going to Maine. In fact, towards the end of season 2, Joyce even said that his idea “wasn’t crazy at all”.

It’s clear that Joyce still deeply misses Bob. I do think she loves Jim Hopper; I really do. But from her flashbacks in the lab, to keeping Will’s “Bob Newby Superhero” drawing up on the fridge, we can all see that he is still very important to her and always in her thoughts. It would make sense for Joyce to want to move there and fulfill Bob’s wish. It seemed like the plan to move was forming in season 2 and maybe Joyce wanted to make it happen for him.

There’s another idea that Joyce and her family could have moved somewhere that was important to Hopper. After his apparent death, Joyce may have wanted to move somewhere he had lived before or somewhere that was important to him to feel closer to him and stay “connected” in a way.

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We know that Hopper used to be a “big city cop” and raised his daughter Sara there, so there’s a possibility the Byers and El could be moving to a big city like New York or Chicago.

Regardless of the exact location, we know that it must be far enough away to be hard on the gang left in Hawkins, and especially Mike. I mean, Mike already made plans to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with El and even confirmed them with his mom. He even shared that he’d use Dustin’s long-range ham radio on the top of a hill to try to talk to her (relationship goals!).

If there are already plans to visit during the holidays, wherever the family is moving is definitely far. It’s clear that this place is far enough away to where there won’t really be any “weekend visits”.

This move away from Hawkins is sure to cause some emotional troubles for those being left behind. No matter what, I’m sure the gang will be back together again, hopefully for season 4, and after their adventures, their relationships will grow even stronger.

With season 3 expanding the Upside Down’s influence, I’m excited to see just where the Byers and El are going and to potentially see the excitement expand across the U.S. and further.

Where do you think the Byers and El have gone? What do you think about the decision? Let us know in the comments!

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