Stranger Things 3 finale: Who is the (spoiler)?

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things 3 yet, then this is a potential answer to a question you don’t want to know. Trust us!

Stranger Things 3 was epic! That about sums up my feelings after binge-watching the third season throughout the night.

And I know I’ve got the disclaimer out of the way, but I still feel it’s necessary that I warn you guys if you have NOT watched the third season of Stranger Things do not read ahead. Get it, got it, good?

Alright, so we NEED to talk about that post-credit scene. Luckily, I noticed there was still some time left and you could tell the screen hadn’t exactly cut to black, with snow falling and subtle creepy noises playing in the background. Anyway, the scene takes us all the way to Kamchatka, Russia to the Russian base we saw back at the start of the season.

Naturally, at this point, I was trying to still wipe away my tears and recover after the Hopper of it all. But then I heard these words…”No. Not the American.”

Um, excuse me, AMERICAN? WHO? WHAT? WHEN?

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Obviously, my hopeful heart immediately thought of Hopper. It has to be, right? Please, pretty please, Duffer Brothers?

What could have happened is that one of the Russian officers took Hopper away moments before everything went to hell. I know it’s sort of far-fetched, but Hopper can’t really be gone. I refuse to believe it.

And if it’s not Hopper, then there are a couple of other people it could potentially be. Perhaps it is Murray who could have been captured sometime after the explosion or even during the three-month break in between. Whose not to say that the soldiers found him before he could escape or showed up at his doorstep and captured him then?

The third possibility could be Papa himself–we know him as Dr. Brenner. He was presumed dead after the first season, showed up for a second in season 2, and was MIA in season 3. So, there is the slight possibility that the Russians are holding him hostage so they can find a way into the Upside Down? Maybe, just maybe. Or, perhaps it’s someone we haven’t met yet.

But really, can it just be Hopper?

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